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The Caliburn G2 Pods are an experience. Boasting a reservoir that accommodates 1.6mL of liquid adventure, these pods come armed with an inbuilt coil, oscillating at either 0.8 or 1.2 Ohms - tailored perfectly for the UAE market. But, a word to the wise! If you're dancing with the Caliburn A2, AK2, G or the Koko Prime from UWell, these pods won't fit your rhythm.Drift through the UWell Caliburn G2/GK2 Pod features: 🌀 Dive into the UWell Caliburn G2 Pod Odyssey. 🌀 The pinnacle of design: Top-Loading System. 🌀 Embrace the 0.8 Ohm UN2 Meshed Coil Voyage. 🌀 Traverse the 1.2 Ohm UN2 Meshed Coil Realm. 🌀 Effortless Magnetic Pod Union. Make the connection.

Caliburn X Empty pod | Caliburn Vape Dubai UAE

Introducing the Uwell Caliburn X Replacement Pods: Your quintessential cartridges crafted precisely for the Caliburn X Pod System. Nestled within is a reservoir of 3.0ml, waiting to be filled from the top with your chosen elixirs. And, here's the deal-breaker – it's in perfect harmony with the Caliburn G Coil Series, ensuring each puff is a melody of flavors, whether you're into E-juices or nicotine salts.Uwell Caliburn X Replacement Pods Features:
  • 🌀 Exclusively Tailored: For the Caliburn X Pod System.
  • 🌀 Generosity at its Best: 3.0ml Pod Reserve.
  • 🌀 Elegance in Refill: Top Filling Design.
  • 🌀 The Perfect Pair: Aligns seamlessly with Caliburn G Coils.
  • 🌀 Connection with a Click: Magnetic Pod Joining.
  • 🌀 Swift Swaps: Effortless to replace.
  • 🌀 Quantity: Two pristine pods in each pack.


Diving into the intricacies of the Juul 2 Pod System, here's what you'll find:
  • Brand: Juul, a name synonymous with vaping innovation.
  • Design Blueprint: This model goes by the intriguing name - Juul 2 Replacement Pods.
  • Compatibility: It's perfectly tailored for the Juul 2 Starter Kit.
  • E-liquid Chamber: Holds a commendable 1.2ml. More juice, fewer refills!
  • Coil's Intricacies: Engineered to a precision of 1.2ohm.
  • Safety First: It boasts the exclusive Juul 2 ID mechanism.
  • Nicotine Potency: Expect a robust 18mg strength.
Immerse yourself in a vaping experience that has been meticulously crafted with precision, innovation, and passion.


Signature Vaping Experience Dive into an unparalleled world of flavor and sophistication with the ORIGINAL JUUL PODS. Each pod is a testament to precision and purity, ensuring every puff delivers the quintessential vaping experience you've been craving. This isn't just vaping; this is a celebration of taste and authenticity.Sleek, Stylish, Unapologetically JUUL The JUUL DEVICE has become more than just a vape; it's a statement of elegance in Dubai's contemporary scene. Its minimalistic design paired with its powerful performance makes it the must-have accessory for those who seek the best in both style and substance.Reliability in Every Breath Built on the principles of trust and consistency, the ORIGINAL JUUL PODS coupled with the JUUL DEVICE promise an enduring experience. No leaks, no inconsistencies, just pure, uninterrupted vaping pleasure from Dubai's most trusted vaping brand.


Immerse yourself in the captivating universe of Uwell's coil craftsmanship. As the mist of the e-liquids swirls, we beckon you closer to the heart of Uwell's alchemical creation:
  • Presenting the saga of the Uwell Aeglos Coil Series.
  • Behold, the 0.23ohm Aeglos UN2 Mesh Coil, dancing gracefully between the bounds of 40-45W.
  • But the tale spins onward, introducing the 0.8ohm Aeglos Coil, whispering secrets at the range of 20-23W.
  • The artistry? A press-fit coil installation that promises serenity in every connection.
  • Lastly, a twist: these coils journey to you in quartets. Four coils, four tales, one pack. Dive in.


In the vast arena of vaping, the Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod Vape Kit stands out, marrying finesse with straightforwardness. Perfectly tailored for novices, it's a breeze to handle. Yet, it doesn't just cater to the greenhorns. Offering an MTL (Mouth To Lung) experience, it retains allure across the board. Energized by a 520mAh internal battery, it reduces frequent charging hassles, reliably serving through the day. Additionally, each set is complemented with a pair of Caliburn A2 pods, equipped with mesh coils, amplifying flavor intensity.


Dive into the enchanting world of e-liquids with the Caliburn systems. Behold:
  • The mystical Caliburn A2S and its kindred spirit, the Caliburn A2, both embrace these cartridges like long-lost allies.
  • The Uwell Caliburn A2 Cartridge? Ah, it's a vessel, holding a tantalizing 2ml of your favorite e-liquid concoctions.
  • But wait! There's a twist in the tale. These cartridges come in a quartet. Yes, four!
  • A gateway to unparalleled convenience with its celestial top-fill design.
  • Inside? The formidable FeCrAl UN2 Meshed-H 0.9 Ohm Coil whispers tales of ancient powers, while the A2S 1.2ohm Meshed-H (with a secretive side fill) nods in enigmatic agreement.
  • A final touch of magic? The Uwell's Pro-FOCS technology. It's not just tech, it's an alchemist's dream, conjuring flavors beyond your wildest fantasies.


Unveiling the Uwell Caliburn AK2: an art piece of a 15W Pod System. Tucked away inside its sleek frame is a power-packed 520mAh battery, all set to fire up to a riveting 15W. And that's just the beginning! This beauty can hold onto 2mL of your favorite elixir, all primed to vaporize with a 0.9ohm UN2 Meshed Pod. Crafted with care from sturdy aluminum alloy, its slender design whispers of elegance and portability. Always on the move? This dynamo's fast Type-C charging will fuel up to 95% in barely 35 minutes. Each puff? A symphony of flavor, thanks to the 0.9ohm UN2 Meshed-H Coil Pod.Peek into the treasure trove of features of Uwell CALIBURN AK2: 🌀 Measurements: A pocket-friendly 67.9mm x 43.5mm x 11.8mm. 🌀 Battery: Robust 520mAh, all set to be recharged. 🌀 Power Up: Peaks at a feisty 15W. 🌀 Frame: Aluminum meets Zinc-Alloy - durability meets style. 🌀 Action: Simply draw and bask in the cloud. 🌀 Vision: A window to behold your liquid gold. 🌀 Carry: Loop in your lanyard and stride in style. 🌀 Light Up: LED indicators to keep you in the know. 🌀 Storage: A generous 2mL cradle for your liquid. 🌀 Refill: Sleek top fill, masked by the mouthpiece. 🌀 Core: Integrated, efficient 0.9ohm UN2 Meshed-H Coil. 🌀 Connect: Magnetic Pod; because ease matters. 🌀 Guardian Features: Short-Circuit, Low Voltage, 8S Timeout, Open Circuit, Low Power; we've got your back. 🌀 Charge Port: Trusty Type-C. Speedy and sturdy.


Uwell Caliburn GK2 Kit Contents:
  • 1 Caliburn GK2 Pod System, the latest marvel from Uwell.
  • 1 Coil boasting 1.2ohm UN2 Meshed-H technology, enhancing the Caliburn GK2 experience.
  • 1 Coil with 0.8ohm UN2 Meshed-H prowess, exclusively for the Uwell Caliburn GK2 aficionados.
  • 1 Comprehensive User Manual for the Caliburn GK2.
  • 1 Type-C Charging Cable, ensuring the Caliburn GK2 is always ready.
  • 1 Lanyard, carrying the Uwell Caliburn GK2 becomes a breeze.

Uwell Caliburn X 20W Pod System In Dubai UAE

Unveiling the CALIBURN X: A powerhouse of uninterrupted vaping pleasure! Tucked away is an 850 mAh battery working in harmony with a 3 ml e-liquid reservoir, promising a whole day's vaping adventure without a hiccup. Bid farewell to the hassles of constant refilling and relentless charging. What's more? It cozies up perfectly with the CALIBURN G series coils. Such compatibility, when fused with its adaptable power, unfurls a vaping escapade bursting with flavor and verve.Jump Right In:
  • Caliburn X Pod
  • Caliburn X Coils
Box Treasures:
  • 1 Majestic Caliburn X Device
  • 1 Custom-made Caliburn X Pod
  • 1 0.8ohm Caliburn G Coil - Flavor Amplifier
  • 1 1.2ohm Caliburn G2 Coil - Smooth Vape Enhancer
  • 1 Speedy Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1 User Guide - Your Vaping Compass
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